Sunday, January 8, 2017


Hey Guys!

  We have been sitting on this side project and the release of our DVD for a looooong time.

We are so excited to announce the LAUNCH of DOGONAUT'S STAR FLEA Territories!!!!!!
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We always wanted to make a game in the DOGONAUT'S universe but never quite made it to the finish line over the years.

When we were approached by Game designer extraordinaire Christen Senn at Senntertain Games with an idea for a card game we jumped right at it.

Here is the Game Description : The Stop-motion short film Dogonauts:Enemy Line introduces the Dogonauts universe. The Card game  Dogonauts:Starflea Territories continues from the film and pits players against one another to see who can repair their space ship first. The film and game experiences can be enjoyed separately , but combining them offers a well rounded understanding of the wonderful world of Dogonauts.

The game is very simple and very very fun!! The art work for the cards is so freaking appealing and we are so honored to have the Universe GROW with this amazing addition.

We also Finally finished the Dogonaut's DVD. Woooo Hoo!!!

We will be selling it on the Blog just like the Gerald's Last Day DVD Over on your top Right of the Blog.We will also be offering it on a Dogonaut's Website .

Exactly Like Gerald's DVD the Dogonaut's DVD will have lots of Special features covering the films Production and some of our adventures in stop mo madness.

We also will be doing a COMBO Deal {DVD and DOGONAUTS STAR FLEA Territories} so you can enjoy them both together!!

It is a pretty BIG moment for us in the DOGONAUT'S timeline. It marks the True end of the multi year journey and a look back on the exciting lessons learned.

     Lots more FUN news ahead!! Stay TUNED!!